5150 Fighter Command Rules + Ships Bundle

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5150 Fighter Command Rules + Ships Bundle

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5150: Fighter Command is THW’s game of Fighter combat in deep space. Yes, there are rules for Destroyers, Battleships, and other Capital Ships but the Stars are the Fighter Pilots.

Start in command of a Flight of 2 or 3 Fighters and, if you stay alive, maybe you work your way up to Squadron Leader.

Fighter Command introduces some new game mechanics for Dogfighting and a Special Maneuvers Table that allows you to play totally solo! With these new mechanics you only have to decide how your Fighters perform while the game flies your enemy.

Includes 4 Ships to get you started, and a pdf version of the rulebook. The ships included are the Terran Assault Ship Hammer X2 and the Hishen Heavy Fighter Venom X2